Incarcator wireless Qi 2in1 Baseus Simple, 15W pt telefon si Apple Airpods Pro (transparent)

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Cod produs - SKU WXJK-CA02
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Wireless Charger

The transparent induction charger, with its 15W power, allows you to quickly charge two devices at the same time, available in different colors: black, white, and with a transparent front panel.

Charge two devices simultaneously

No more sharing the charger at the expense of your phone! With the built-in two coils, you can save two devices at the same time from being discharged. The casing, on the other hand, is made of airborne aluminum, which ensures good heat dissipation.

Safe charging

The device automatically adjusts the output depending on the device being charged. There are 4 charging modes available: 10W, 7.5W, 5W and 2.5W. No overload, no owner intervention. All this is possible with the intelligent adaptation of the charger!

Quick response time

With wireless QI technology, the device starts charging within 0.1 seconds of placing the smartphone on it. Additionally, when the charger detects that the device is fully charged, it cuts off the power supply, protecting it from overcharging.

Intelligent safety features

The charger is able to detect the presence of incompatible objects to prevent unnecessary power consumption. As soon as a metal object (e.g. a pair of scissors) is on the unit, the light will flash quickly.


Producent Baseus
Name Baseus Simple 2in1 Wireless Charger (Pro)
Product code WXJK-CA02
Material Aluminum + PC + tempered glass
Color Transparent
Connector USB-C
Charging power 18 W
Dimensions 160 x 80 x 7,3 mm
Weight 130,3 g

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