Aparat pentru masaj cu vibratii Baseus Booser Dual Mode Gun pt muschi (gri)

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Cod produs - SKU ACJMQ-0G
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Vibrating muscle massager

Relaxation massage for relaxing Baseus muscles - 2600 rpm / 4 different massage tips. Ensures silent operation of the motors, the battery lasts for a long time, thanks to a powerful battery.

Get rid of muscle pain

Why is the body sore after exercise? Intense exercise, bad posture can lead to injuries or acidification. The massager supports and accelerates the secretion of lactic acid and relaxes the muscles, causing relief after exercise.

Two operating modes, depending on needs

High speed brushless motors provide balanced power and smooth operation - Wake up your muscles at home or in the office and get rid of muscle pain after exercise.

Pain after a long sitting job

The massager helps to get rid of the feeling of stiff muscles after exercises and the pain after the home activities.

Relax your body with a ten-minute massage

The massager has a function of intelligent switching off the engines after 10 minutes to avoid muscle damage due to too long massage.

Four professional attachments

The massage tips can be used for massage, muscle stimulation, rehabilitation and pressure points.

  • Large round tip: suitable for massage of all body parts
  • Large flat tip: fits all parts of the body massage
  • Tip with piping (fork): fits for massage of the spine and other muscles
  • Round tip: used by athletes to massage pressure points (acupuncture)

Lightweight and portable

T-shaped - comfortable for waist and back massage. Included bag for convenient product storage.

2600 revolutions per minute

The brushless motor provides smooth and balanced operation to stimulate the muscles.

Month of work with one load

The battery pack will last for one month with a single charge. Compatible with all USB chargers.

Battery charge status

After 2 minutes of inactivity, the status LEDs will flash at low frequency as a reminder to turn off the device

  • Four charge level dashes: 75%-100% of the battery capacity
  • Three dashes of charge level: 75%-50% of the battery capacity
  • Two dashes of charge level: 50%-25% of the battery capacity
  • One charge level dash: 0%-25% of battery capacity status


Manufacturer Baseus
Nazwa Booster Dual-mode Massage Gun
Product code ACJMQ-0G
Material ABS+PC
Color Dark Grey
Power 29V
Input voltage 5V - 9V
Modes and levels 3 levels in each of the two modes
Battery capacity 8000mAh
Input USB-C
Number of tips 4
Weight 740g

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