Casti gaming Baseus GAMO D05 cu microfon, sunet 3D, USB (negru)

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Cod produs - SKU NGD05-01
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With a mind to games

In electronic games, the sound is extremely important. If you don't hear the sneaking enemy, the game may end up in defeat. Baseus headphones have been specially designed for players. Enjoy 3D surround sound, impressive battlefield effects, and clear and detailed sound.

Improve your effectiveness

The headphones use Bongiovi DPS technology, which is based on the system of reading sounds through the human ear. Each sound frequency is divided into 120 process points, which are then analyzed and adjusted to recover sound information from different directions in space. This allows you to easily recognize the direction the sound is coming from, making it more effective in combat.

Even if the world is collapsing

The headphones cover the entire ear, effectively isolating background noise while increasing comfort by not pressing on the ears. Keep yourself comfortable for long hours of use!

Conversations on a higher level

The microphone effectively isolates background noise and reflects the human tone of the voice well. It can be adjusted by 90° for easy storage of headphones.

USB input

The USB output is a standard in the world of e-sport because it converts sound better and can easily provide power for LED backlighting.


Producent Baseus
Name GAMO Immersive Virtual 3D Game headphone (PC)
Product code NGD05-01
Microphone yes
Compatibility Devices with USB and USB-C port
Volume control Yes
Material ABS
Sound modes Music / Games
Frequency rate 20-20000 Hz
Cable length 2 m
Connector USB
Included USB to USB-C adapter
Backlighting RGB

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