Husa Baseus Basics S pentru accesorii, shockproof, waterproof 220x140x60mm (alb)

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Cod produs - SKU LBJN-D02
EAN 6953156225121


Baseus accessories carrying case

A handy bag/eti for storing various types of electrical appliances or the most necessary things, e.g. wallet. You can store it in a bigger bag or in the car, and the hidden things will be safe in one place. It has compartments, ideal for hiding small items. Lightweight, soft material, which is equipped with special sponges to protect the contents from falling and other small damages or even liquids, because it is waterproof

High quality

The bag is made of a delicate, pleasant material, maintaining comfort while wearing and contact with the skin. It weighs 0.12kg, so you hardly feel any additional load. It lets air through and does not rub off or stick to the body. Its simple cut is another advantage, because you can wear it the way you feel comfortable. The water doesn't soak in, it just stays on the texture and protects things inside. Resistant to scratches. It has double zippers.

Ideal for all kinds of travels

You will fit all the necessary things you will need for your business trips or excursions. The portable bag has additional pockets inside to sort all items, such as cosmetics or documents.


Manufacturer Baseus
Model Basics Series Digital Device Storage Bag
Product code LBJN-D02
Material Nylon
Color Buff
Weight 120g
Size 220 x 140 x 60 mm

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