Lampa Baseus Sunshine pt oglinda, cu acumulator (lumina naturala)

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Cod produs - SKU DGSUN-JA02
EAN 6953156216662

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Natural light for your bathroom

Every woman knows how important it is to have the right light in a place where she applies makeup every day. Due to the fact that the Baseus lamp reproduces natural light, you don't have to worry that you will overdo it with the number of cosmetics used and you will look unfavorable in daylight.

The angle of light adjustment

With the movable lamp base, you can adjust the lamp within 80° and adjust it perfectly to your height.

Brightness adjustment

You can enjoy the possibility to adjust the light to your needs with an easy to use light adjustment on the side of the lamp.

Durable battery

A durable 2200mAh battery allows you to use the lamp for a long time without recharging. If it is discharged, you can easily charge it with a USB-C cable.

Easy and quick installation

You can mount the lamp anywhere, not just in the mirror. With the high-quality tape, you can be sure that it will hold the surface firmly and steadily. In addition, do not be afraid to damage it.


Producent Baseus
Name Baseus Sunshine Series Stepless Dimmer Mirror Light
Product code DGSUN-JA02
Material ABS + PC
Voltage 5 V
Power 3.5 W
Operation temperature ﹣10℃~﹢40℃
Battery capacity 2200mAh
Color temperature 4000K

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