Mini aeroterma Baseus Warm Little Heater 500W (galben)

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Cod produs - SKU ACNXB-A0Y
EAN 6953156210752

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Small electric heater

Compact electric heater, will heat up your room on cooler days. With a third of the energy consumption of a typical air conditioner, it will save you energy and money. Its consumption is only 500W.

For cold days

The mini heater is perfect for warming up your feet or hands on cooler days. You can put it anywhere you want and enjoy a warm and gentle stream of air.

Take it with you

Because it is so tiny, you can take it anywhere with you and enjoy it at school or at work. It will make learning or working more enjoyable and much more comfortable.

Use it to warm up the whole bathroom.

With the Baseus mini heater, you don't have to worry that it's too cold in the bathroom while your baby is bathing. All you have to do is turn on the heater and it will warm the whole room in just a few moments.

Fast heating up

The mini Baseus heater heats up in just 3 seconds. So you don't have to worry about turning it on earlier, just turn it on when you're cold.


One device is enough to heat an area up to 10m², so you can heat an entire large room with one device.


The sound produced by the device has been reduced to a minimum so as not to disturb you during work, rest or other activities.

Metal casing

With the metal and high quality cover, you don't have to worry about getting any objects inside.

The Highest quality

The Baseus heater meets all requirements that products sold in Europe must have. It has 3C and EU certificates.

Safe to use

ABS material, which is flame retardant and therefore protects the heater from ignition. If the housing overheats, the device will switch itself off. Do not worry about getting burned. The device can be touched during operation because it is not hot.


Producent Baseus
Name Warm Little White Fan Heater
Product code ACNXB-A0Y
Material Heat-resistant plastic ABS and metal grid
Color Yellow
Input current 220 V~
Power 500 W
Dimensions 158 x 90 x 114 mm
Weight 520 g

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