Perna de calatorie cu spuma de memorie Baseus Thermal Series (grafit)

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Cod produs - SKU FMTZ-0G
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În perioada 02 - 25 decembrie 2022 produsele din categoria Stații Radio & Accesorii beneficiează de Transport GRATUIT!


Pillow with U-shaped forming foam

Prevents fatigue, is easy to store, ideal for travel - with a Baseus pillow you can afford a short rest without any neck pain. Not only does the foam provide excellent comfort, but also contains compression pads that keep the back of your neck warm - now you can forget about the pain and enjoy a successful rest.

Ideal for travel

The pillow is compact and lightweight. You can take it anywhere. It is an ideal companion during the journey - the pillow can be easily hung from the handle of the suitcase.

Pleasant snooze with a comfortable pillow

No matter how much work there is to do, for this moment, a moment of good rest is most important.

High quality

The foam is not only comfortable, but can be crushed and whipped freely. The shape of the pillow slowly returns to its previous state after use, without fear of deformation. The cushion covering material is made of high quality breathable and silk material, which is safe for the skin and helps to circulate the steam of the heating pads.

Pull pillowcase

The pillow cover of a dirty and dusty pillow can be freely pulled out and washed, without fear of destroying it.


The pillow can be easily rolled up, put in a bag and take it with you on a journey - without taking up much space.


Producent Baseus
Model Thermal Series Memory Foam U-Shaped
Product Code FMTZ-0G
Material Memory Foam + Lycra
Color Dark Grey
Weight 340g
Size 250 x 235 mm

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