Prelungitor HDMI Baseus 4K 60 Hz

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Cod produs - SKU CAFDQ-0G
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Baseus HDMI extender

Baseus is a brand of a manufacturer of the highest quality mobile accessories, which is becoming increasingly popular among demanding users. HDMI connector of this company is an ideal solution to extend the cables without losing transmission! It is used to connect two cables terminated with HDMI female plugs. It is made of solid ABS material with a built-in metal cover to prevent electromagnetic interference. Simple design does not affect the speed in any way, additionally providing a stable signal and excellent 4K UHD image quality.

High resolution

No more watching movies on your laptop or smartphone. With the HDMI input you can play videos or photos on your TV and other larger screens in great 4K quality. The difference between an image from a regular adapter and that provided by the Baseus connector is amazing. This can be seen, among others, by vivid and sharp colors. In addition, the built-in chip allows a continuous, stable signal providing the best experience. It was designed to be used even at a distance of 30 meters.

Modern technology

A built-in, efficient chip controls the simultaneous flow of data through both ports. The internal battery has a large capacity and its level is replenished automatically during use. It provides multitasking of the device and the possibility to use two connectors at the same time. The best technology prevents transmission interruption and is responsible for the quality of the transmitted signal. It does not require any additional drivers or programs, just connect it. The extension design does not affect speed and even guarantees a stable signal up to 30 m.

Instant synchronization

The Baseus connector enables efficient transfer of video signal from USB-C to HDMI port. It supports all equipment equipped with USB-C and HDMI connectors. It is compatible with the most popular operating systems, including Windows, macOS and Linux. It can be connected to such equipment as projector, DVD, computer, IPTV or Nintendo Switch.

Effective despite size

The adapter is made of very durable, heat-resistant ABS material, resistant to mechanical damage, which is a big advantage with its small size. The device is characterized by comfort during use and high quality of workmanship and operation. In addition, its size (45 mm) and weight (10.3g) are even ideal to take it anywhere without taking up space. The matt coating prevents fingerprints from leaving visible and is scratch-resistant. The Baseus extender is suitable for many situations and has a wide range of applications.


Manufacturer Baseus
Name HDMI Signal Extender
Product code CAFDQ-0G
Material ABS + Aluminium
Voltage 5V
Working current <5V/100mA
Static power 5V/5mA (lokalny pobór mocy)
Weight 10.3 g
Support for remote transmission 30m

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