Suport auto pt telefon Baseus Rock-solid cu incarcare wireless 10W (argintiu)

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Cod produs - SKU WXHW01-B0S
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Car holder with Qi charger

The modern Baseus car holder has a built-in 10W Qi induction charger. The cradle closes automatically, locking the phone immediately. This is done by means of an intelligent infrared sensor, which detects the device. It is designed to be mounted on a ventilation grid, cockpit or car window. It has been designed in such a way as to guarantee complete safety of the equipment placed on it. Moreover, the equipment is extremely easy to use.

Qi technology

Voltage and temperature are constantly monitored by a high-quality chip and capacitor. It automatically detects foreign metal objects, selects the optimum performance from 10W to 7.5W for different models and contributes to protection against overvoltage, overheating and short circuit. Reinforced copper coils make the charging rate twice as fast as with conventional wireless chargers. Regardless of the phone's position, the charging process will start immediately, even when navigation is enabled.

Robust design

The special design allows to mount the handle in any ventilation hole. The additional telescopic arm is a great solution for mounting on the cockpit or glass. The inside of the bracket and clamps are made of protective silicone to protect the phone from scratches. The pressure arm is made of aluminum alloy and has the right pressure, even on the most bumpy roads. The equipment has passed many safety tests and obtained numerous certificates. It is made of durable materials and is designed for devices from 65 mm to 85 mm wide.

Practical design

The phone will surely be able to withstand the worst conditions safely, thanks to its triangular mounting structure. The silicone protective surface prevents scratches and any minor damage. The electrical technology clamps in one moment as soon as infrared detects the smartphone. If you need to use a cable, it is also possible because the holder has dedicated holes for the charger input. The universal 360-degree axis of rotation at the back allows you to adjust the angle of the charger as required.

Stability and safety

Properly placed phone in the cradle will be secured all the way. It will not suffer when driving on bumpy roads or sudden braking. Each caliper with anti-slip properties is shock-resistant and additionally protects the ventilation grid in the car from scratches. Pulling out the phone is very easy, just press the silver button on the back of the case.

Trouble-free operation

The axis of the structure rotates 360 degrees and helps to find the right angle for the screen to make driving as safe and collision-free as possible. This allows for one-handed operation without any obstacles. The automatic design allows for automatic opening and closing, through infrared signals.

Impressive details

The high quality finish guarantees stability and durability. The compact size and the design, which requires only one hand, allow for a quick change of installation location. It can be loaded in a case. The intelligent system adapts the required voltage to the specific device. Supports fast charging of Apple 7.5 Watt and Android up to 10 Watt. Two ports allow you to charge the equipment at the same time. Reinforced glass screen is even more powerful.


Manufacturer Baseus
Model Rock-solid Electric Holder Wireless charger kit
Product code WXHW01-B0S
Material Glass + Aluminium
Color Silver
Mounting place Ventilation grille, cockpit, glass
Weight 420 g
Compatibility Devices 65 - 85 mm wide
Size Core: 115 × 75 mm
Handle: 210 × 115 mm

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