Umidificator portabil Baseus Magic Wand (verde)

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Cod produs - SKU DHMGC-06
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Baseus Air Humidifier

Elegant, pet-shaped Baseus air humidifier can handle the dry air in your home, work or car. It perfectly moisturizes the air, improving your mood and preventing your skin from drying out.

Put in any water container

The humidifier has no water container, you can simply put it in any water cup, mug, vase or glass and enjoy the humidified air at any time.

Night-light function

The air freshener also has a function of a bedside lamp that emits the warm and soft light. It does not hurt your eyes but only casts a soft glow.

Hidden charging socket

The charging socket has been carefully concealed under the head of the humidifier so that it does not become a glance or distract from the interesting design of the device.


The humidifier has two modes of air humidification: continuous and intermittent. It allows 6 hours of continuous operation in continuous mode and 12 hours in intermittent mode. The volume of water spraying is 40 mL/h. It is safe during use, so children can also use it.

Excellent during work

The humidifier is perfect for work, study or various household activities. It perfectly humidifies the air, which will also make you feel better.

CAUTION: Adding salt may cause corrosion of the metal membrane.


Producent Baseus
Model Magic wand portable humidifier
Product code DHMGC-06
Material ABS, PP, woolen cloth
Operation time 6-12 h
Color Green
Power 2 W
Weight 97 g
Power supply 5 V DC
Charging port micro USB
Included accessories USB cable

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